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As a financial advisor, lawyer, accountant, or other professional advisor, your question may be: why should I care about this? My clients can make up their own minds about giving; that is none of my concern. On the contrary, however, your clients’ charitable tendencies should be very much your concern. Helping to set up charitable gifts, whether planned as one-time gifts or long-term endowments, can assist your client financially, which can only be good for your relationship with the client as well as your community.

Where do I start?

The first step towards implementing Planned Giving into your practice is to have a genuine desire to be your clients’ trusted advisor, to put your clients’ needs and wants above all else. Once you have made this commitment to yourself and your clients, you will need to make sure you that you educate yourself and your team on the strategies and benefits of a well-designed Planned Gift.

How can the PGC help?

We can help allied professionals by providing a forum for the exchange of information related to planned giving. Educational seminars offer ideas on planned giving strategies that allied professionals can then share with their clients.

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