Joanne’s Planned Gift

84770f_7ce1ddb86000aefa86f1a05553079857.jpg_srz_346_685_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzGrove Park Home is blessed to have numerous donors who choose seniors as a priority in their selection of charities.

“This is particularly important to we baby boomers as we make our way to our ‘golden’ years,” said Lorraine Maher, Director of Fund Development for the Home. In setting up a Planned Giving Program for Grove Park, discussions with many of their established donors revealed their reasons for making a planned gift that will benefit seniors well into the future.

“Joanne” (a pseudonym to respect the donor’s wish to remain anonymous) explained why she made gifts to charity and why she has extended that to include gifts of charity in her will. “Being a woman of modest means and coming from a working background where things always had to be planned, I prefer to give to those to charities where I can see my money going to work for the cause,” she said.

Joanne credits her mother as the first person in her life that influenced her future giving habits. “As a child growing up in a large family where extras were not in abundance, my mother was always ready to help a neighbour to pay for a prescription for an ailing child or to help in some other way that would be appropriate,” she explained.

Why does she give? Joanne believes in discussing her donations with her professional advisors so that she can maximize her tax credits. Joanne explained, “The opportunity to claim charitable gifts has been offered to us by the government. It was not always available. I think we should use whatever tools the taxman gives us to put money directly into the hands of those who need it the most. I believe in informed giving. My tax advisor tells me what is best for me. I feel good about giving what I can.”

For Joanne, making her will was the first step. “When looking at my will, I first looked at my family and what I could do for them. I want to ensure that they are looked after and that includes sharing with them while I am alive. Not all of my estate will be in cash bequests. I have some investments and a house that I own. There are insurance policies that will go to a charity but I continue to examine with my accountants what is best for my family and how I can avoid paying unnecessary taxes out of my estate. I like to look at my will as my assets change. I feel good about leaving this world knowing that I have left a gift that will be ongoing for the future.”

The happy result is that not only has Joanne made a substantial gift to Grove Park Home that will continue long after she has gone, but right now, Joanne has become an active volunteer in the Home and enjoys her activities by helping residents and staff.